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The first step for the realization of your dream is to pass a medical check in accordance with the required level. The medical check for Ultralight pilots takes less time and you do not need to pass some of special medical procedures which are required for the PPL certificate. Both types of medical checks must be revalidated following the stated period of time.
Then you have to pass a theory lessons which include studying specialized sections related to general aviation regulations, meteorology, navigation, flight instruments, material and construction of aircraft, basic knowledge in flight medicine and basic knowledge in the area of English and Czech communication phraseology used for the practical flying. The range of theory and required knowledge depends on the type of flight training and a qualification which you wish to reach.
Prior the start of practical training it is necessary to obtain the Limited Radiotelephonist´s Certificate of the Aeronautical Mobile Service, which authorizes to use the on-board radio for communication between an aircraft and the ground air traffic control services.
When you finish the theory lessons it is time to start a practical flight training which includes all the procedures and practical skills needed for basic pilotage, taking proper measures in case of emergency situations during the flight, preparation and flying cross-country flights, ATC controlled flights and other skills and experiences connected with flying.
When your practical training is terminated, it is the time for preparation and passing the airworthiness test and practical exam which are prescribed for your qualification.
If you pass the theory and practical exam, you are eligible to fly your aircraft according to a qualification you have received and the airspace is open for you.

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